Dear Rotax drivers of the World!

We are very glad that you were racing with us in the 2017 season in such a great numbers, gave huge part of the success that the CEE Series is one of the biggest in the World! The feedback that comes from you is very important to us, with this help from your side we can serve you even better in the near future, also we can make better races for you.

We’d like to make a survey that could show us which tracks you like the most, which tracks you’d race in 2018. We count on those votes whom were racing at least on one event during 2017 on the CEE Series.

When you send us your email with your preferences, please use the email address that you
gave us when registered yourselves in the EVA system. You can vote until 15th of October, 2017. to the email address.

The title of the email should be: „MY FAVORITE RACE TRACK”. The result of the vote will be published on the web page and also on the Facebook page. On the 3 most popular tracks for sure we’ll have race next year.

Thank you for your contribution!

CEE Organizers