In addition to the 2018 technical regulations the following rule is in effect:

The inner diameter of the exhaust must be minimum 26mm trough the exhaust system in the following classes: MiniMax, Junior, Senior, DD2, DD2 Masters

The Technical Scrutineers will check the exhausts by means of the chained ball, that has 26 mm in diameter.

If this ball can go trough the exhaust system without stucking in somewhere inside the exhaust, than the exhaust is OK, ready to race.

If the ball will stuck, than it leads to disqualification of the driver in question.

Please, take your exhausts to the scrutineers so you can pre check them if you are in doubts, that your exhaust is OK or not, before the Qualifications.


Posted on the note board by the official race secretary. Adria International Raceway.

ASN’sapproval No.: K-0052/2018.03.01


Rotax Hungary
Gokart Committee of the Hungarian ASN
CEE Organizers