We made some interviews after the season first Sunday race.


Interview video


Here you can find example Péter Kálmán (Kálmán Motorsport), Sara Jernej (Intrepid Official Team), Michail Fiedler (Speedworld), Dániel Sugár (Top Motorsport) words and experiences.


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Dániel Sugár from Top Motorsport who won the 1st place in the MicroMax category

Let have to say to congratulation about your first place although you have fever. What do you think what is in the background?

Dániel Sugár: I practiced and prepared so much, and I wanted to win very much indeed.

Since when do you karting?

Dániel Sugár: Since I was 3.

So you learned to karting earlier than you learned to walk, could we say?

Dániel Sugár: Well I could walk :) But we can say it, yes.

What do you think, what is the secret of the successful? Eg what is in your mind when you are racing?

Dániel Sugár: Ohhh, it is a really hard question. I just know that I always go as I can, and I need to beat that opponent who is on the field.

Do you have a message to someone?

Dániel Sugár: Thanks to my team that I could be here and their help, and I would like to say congratulation for my opponents for their performance.


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Ernst Penninger from VPD Racing, he is the team manager of Lukas Dunner – Austria

Which driver was the best in your team?

Ernst Penninger: Today Lukas Dunner was our best driver in the Junior class. He was almost the most successful one on the qualifying and who was winning the heats, so he is the most successful one.

What do you think why he is so successful?

Ernst Penninger: I think because he put work inside to the testings, and he well-prepared. And he have had many races at the moment with different teams and I think this is why he was so successful today.

Do you have any message for the other drivers or to your team?

Ernst Penninger: Well, all the teams had a very good job, and all the drivers make all of they best, but I think what some of them need to do a little bit more preparation work for to be as successful as Lukas.


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Sara Jernejc from the Intrepid Official Team – Slovenia

Witch class and which drivers of yours was the best on this race?

Sara Jernejc: Our best was in DD2 and DD2 Masters. In DD2 his name is Xen De Ruwe and Ian Gepts in the DD2 Masters.

Which places did they take?

Sara Jernejc: Xen got the 2nd place and in DD2 Masters Ian got the 1st place, so we are very-very happy about this.

What do you think what is in the background of them performances?

Sara Jernejc: I think that both of them have a long racing history. Xen De Ruwe was 3 times awarded on the Grand Finals, he was in a lot of team and he is a really good driver, drove a lot of races in the European Championship. I think that everybody have to go races and they got some experiences.


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Péter Kálmán owner of the Kálmán Motorsport – Hungary

Please say some words about today performances of your drivers.

Péter Kálmán: On this weekend we took part with 4 drivers on this prestigious race. We raced with Menyhért Krózser in the MicroMax category, who debuted now with us, so he had has not got so many race experiences so far. He presented a fantastic race although he had 38,5 C fever, so he could go to training on Saturday afternoon. Firstly he got the 15th place but in the next rounds unfortunately he was a participant some crashes. We were in the MiniMax class with a Polish driver, Marcel Surmacz who was the Zone Champion at last year’s. He took the 3rd place. Zsombor Kovács started in the Junior class who was the Hungarian Champion last year. He took the 4th place what is also a really good result in this prestigious field. Nect to them Géza Fodor started in the DD2 category. Merged the Masters and the DD2 categories so Géza took the 3rd place on the Masters list, but we are very satisfied with him.

What do you think, what is the secret of the successful?


Péter Kálmán: This is a very complex thing I could talk all night about this title. I think that we could present how it is work in sake of we’ve been repeatedly teach champions as Ferenc Kancsár, who was the World Champion in 2015. So I think is important the family as a background, the practice what is start 1st January to 31st December. We need a good team with a right background and of course need the persistent and really hard-work.

What is your opinion about the track?

Péter Kálmán: This is a fantastic track. I think it is gigantic thing that we could be here and the first race organized here, what is rare in the Central European races. So we are very glad about this.


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Michail Fiedler – Team Manager of the Speedworld Academy – Austria

Witch class and which drivers of yours was the best on this race?

Michail Fiedler: We have actually two good drivers one is in the Junior class name is Nikitas Bekiaris who was 10th and the second driver was Pavel Laksa in MiniMax who was the Champion on the Euro Finals he got 8th.

What do you think what is in the background of them performances?

Michail Fiedler: I think the preparation and practice are very important and I have to say that it was a big step up in this Championship so it is much stronger than last year and so we have to prepare better to get better results.

And what do you think about the Adria Raceway?

Michail Fiedler: I think it is perfect international track it is very new and it is a task to work to youngers, because we are a young team. So we need to work to create professional racers to became more successful in here.

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Sándor Hargitai from the Gokart Commisson of Hungarian ASI and the organiser of this race

The Italian Adria track has no part of the CEE, CEZ and RMC Hun race series. What is your experiences about this now after the race?

Sándor Hargitai: Truly now is the first time that we came to this world-class track, where they have arrange European Champion races. That is why we decided that we bring the CEE race here in sake of the track and the facilities are perfectly right for us. The local staff and our colleagues have worked well each other so we have had a wonderful race. There were almost 170 drivers on this race so it is the real feedback that shows us we had right decision.

Do you have a cc numebr of the nationalities who took part on this race?

Sándor Hargitai: They took part from 25 nationalities include the Baltic States and Finland, who had never participated on our races before, so we are very happy about this.

Could you received kind of feedback from the race and from the track?

Sándor Hargitai: The track layout and the facilities are let’s say world-class. Thanks it for on the one hand that is just 3 years old, so every buildings and services are in its perfect condition. On the other hand the hotel, the restaurant, the paddock and the depo are the same condition so it is excellent too. We are very glad that we have had a race here in Adria, and everybody can pleased about this.

We are you arrange the next CEE race?

Sándor Hargitai: The next CEE is on Pannónia-ring in Hungary in May 27-29 and we hope that we will have circa same number of participants.