Giant success on the first race weekend

The season first race (CEE I., CEZ I., OB I.) was on the Easter weekend where there were 25 nations and 165 competitors.
It was the first time that we have arranged the race on the Adria International Kart Raceway in Italy, what is a recognized, very new and a high-quality track. It is apparent well from the track plan that it is a really technical track what have so many hairpin curve, what is suitable for overtakes.
Although this well-equipped high-level track is a bit unusual for our CEE drivers, but it is a common thing on the European Championship and on the Grand Finals.

We were lucky with the weather, because during the training sessions was over 20 degrees, there were no rain on the whole event than on the Sunday’s race we’ve got a really sunny day (although the 8 am starting slipped a few minutes due to fog).

The first great excitement was in the Micro Max class in sake of the Friday’s engine lottery. It is specifically that part of the whole competition where anybody can not influence for it. So many Rotax races apply it in a successful way.

Then on Sunday – an unconventional way – in the middle of the training the drivers could shift they gears (kart, clothes and tires) for the scrutinizing, where there was the EVA system biggest rehearsal.

On this year we introduced the EVA system what is have several advantage for us and both for all participants. The registration is discontinued on the track. Every drivers have to make they own registration for each events in advance, and they have to upload to this site they picture, driver license and entrant license. The system is finalized the entries upon receipt of registration fee which is oblige by bank transfer in the future. This year expected that many categories start fulfilled; you should register as soon as possible and transfer the fees. In return eliminated the queues in front of the Race Office, because who made the registration and the fees transfer in advance they just have to go to the scrutineering.
It is increases the level of the control that the EVA system is register every details from the chassis, tires, engine due its bar code witch checked by the race judges so with this resolved loads of abuse.

Also on Saturday took place the briefings. In sake of it was such an incredible high numbers of the competitors, it could not be otherwise, we took place the drivers informed with several rounds.

The first part of the briefing was hold by the German Race Director via power point. The second part held by Dániel Simkó, who was the Chief Scrutineer.

The biggest interest was for the Junior class where there was 45 participant. That is why – what is usual on the Grand Finals – we were divided into several groups (A-B-C). In the pre-final everybody raced with everybody than the 28 best drivers automatically qualified to the super-final, than the 6 best timed competitors from the “B” Final got the ticket to the super-final.

Finally the most important is the result of the race weekend: Congratulations to all of them!!!

1.    Sugár Dániel – HUN – Top Motorsport
2.    Kacper Rogala – POL – Bambini Racing
3.    Bartek Piekvtowski – POL – Uniq Racing

1.    Karl-Markus Sei – EST – TGT Racing
2.    Marcel Sumacz – POL – KMS
3.    Rimmo Kadapik – EST – AIX Racing Team

1.    Lukas Dunner – AUT – VPDR
2.    Mateusz Pylka – POL – Jastrzebski Racing
3.    Tóth László – HUN – Hargitai Racing

1.    Kacper Bielecki – POL – Team 46
2.    Xen De Ruwe – BEL – Intrepid Official Team
3.    Denis Slavinski – POL – Uniq Racing

DD2 Masters:
1.    Ian Gepts – BEL – Intrepid Official Team
2.    Fodor Géza – HUN – KMS
3.    Priit Sei – EST – AGS Racing

1.    Emil Dose – DEN – KBS Racing Team
2.    Niki Kresse – AUS – KBS-MSC-Rottenegg
3.    Nikolas Szabo – SVK – Kart One Arena

Max Masters:
1.    Ellenes László – HUN – Visual Racing
2.    Baló András – HUN – Visual Racing
3.    Gönczy Tibor – HUN – CRG Gokartsport Egyesület

We are waiting you on the next races:

2016.04.22-24. – HUN RMC II. – Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia
2016.05.27-29. – HUN RMC III. + CEE II. + CEZ II. – Ostffyasszonyfa, Hungary

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