There was also giant numbers of kart-racers on the Rotax Max Challenge CEE II, CEZ II and RMC HUN III. Now we were on Pannónia-ring what is close to Sárvár, where participated 120 racer from 20 nations.

This marked number (20 nations, 120 racers) always carry with themselves something creeply, weird thrill as well. Fully confirmed the expected result, what we had seen on the training days: so many drivers on the track who had have on an immeasurable level of adrenaline, and also – naturally – everybody had a competition-oriented.

On this race-weekend what placed on Pannónia-ring were huge heat. Probably due to this and the track capabilities this race was almost record-breaking of judges’ utilization.

The track is fully capable to organize this size of kart competitions, but it have a negative feature: a little bit too short its main straight. That is why that this was the most difficult part of the track what our marshals had to check most of all, and where there was – unfortunately – the local flesh-lighted car two times.


Considering the above it is bigger success if you can stand on the podium, so congratulations for these racers:





1st place: Bartlomiej Piekutowski – UNIQ Racing (Poland);

2nd place: Filip Matejczyk – UNIQ Racing (Poland);

3rd place: Balázs Válint – Hargitai Racing (Hungary)



1st place: Marcel Surmacz – KMS (Hungary);

2nd place: Ruben Kun – CRG (Hungary);

3rd place: Luka Nurmi – KMS (Hungary)



1st place: Sylwester Aleksejevas – UNIQ Racing (Poland);

2nd place: László Sövér – ERT Racing (Slovakia);

3rd place: Lukas Dunner – VPDR Racing (Austria)



1st place: Niki Kresse – KSB Racing (Austria);

2nd place: Mario Novak – KSB Racing (Austria);

3rd place: Ádám Vincze


Max Masters:

1st place: András Baló – Visual Motorsport (Hungary);

2nd place: László Ellenes – Visual Motorsport (Hungary);

3rd place: Péter Gyutai – Kecskeméti MSE (Hungary)



1st place: Kacper Bielecki – Team 46 (Poland);

2nd place: Denis Slavinski – Uniq Racing (Poland);

3rd place: Xen De Ruwe – Intrepid Official (Slovenia)


DD2 Masters:

1st place: Roberto Pesevski – KSCA Racing (Austria);

2nd place: Géza Fodor – KMS (Hungary);

3rd place: Ali Andreas Gharakhani – Kart One Arena (Austria)


We would like to congratulations for all of our drivers!

Our next race on Kecskemét 2016. June 17-18-19!