On Pannonia-ring we could catch one of the most successful team on this round, the UNIQ Racing Team, from Poland.

Hello Team, Congratulations for your achievement on the CEE and CEZ II. round. Please say some sentences how was your race?

Hello, we are UNIQ Racing from Poland. In our team we have many nationalities; he is Russian, and Litvania and Poland of course. We have two MicroMax drivers and we are very happy for the weekend because we are 1st and 2nd places. Bartlomiej Piekutowski is the 1st and Filip Matejczyk was the 2nd. They are both from Poland and we are really happy. They are improving all the time.

The second is our Denis Slavinski. He is just 15 and he is in DD2 category and he won the 2nd place here, also improved lot and we going better and better.

It is Sylwester Aleksejevas. I am very happy of him, because int he Junior category he was in the 1st place and he just came from Minimax. So it’s really good.

Our other driver who is in Junior is Kamil Donicz. He just was 6th in this championship. So we have two Junior drivers with two very good positions.

Than we have Minimax driver who is Jerzy Spinkiewicz who was also very good, but he just came from MicroMax so he need some experience to improve himself.

Than we have a Senior driver Michal Stepinski who was a little bit unlucky here but we are trying all the time to improve his work.

We’ll keep going and we hope that in Kecskemét we run much faster.


What do you think what do you have to have to a successfull race?


I am for sure that they have more experience, need good setup and the driver need to go with really consistent. This what is we are doing. It is a little bit difficult because he came just now from Junior, he came just from Minimax, but I hope that race by race we’ll improve a lot and we are going better each race.


How was your race, guys, how do you feel now?

Sylwester Aleksejevas I did my best and I liked it.


Denis Slavinski: It was really good race, because I improved each days, so I was better, better and better. On the qualifying round I was 2nd and each race I was 2nd. But I hope next time I can be much better.


Bartlomiej Piekutowski: I am very happy and thank you for my team and thank you guys!


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